To celebrate NATIONAL SUPERMAN DAY, we're giving away the

ULTIMATE SUPERMAN Prize Pack valued at over $150!

NATIONAL SUPERMAN DAY is celebrated 12th of June each year. This holiday aims to commemorate Superman, one of the most famous superheroes known to mankind. Superman was created in 1933 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. He is called the Man of Steel and even though he is known for his superhuman powers, it is his character, his heart, that really makes him super.

Superman is brave, courageous, and heroic. He will never hesitate to save someone from harm. He is an inspiration to children of all ages, and without Shuster, Siegel, and Superman, some say superheroes as we know them wouldn't exist at all.

To celebrate NATIONAL SUPERMAN DAY, one lucky person will win the SUPERMAN prize pack which includes over $150 of Graphic Novels, Blu Rays, and more!



By entering this giveaway, you will not only be in the running to win the ULTIMATE SUPERMAN prize pack, but you’ll also hear a little more about our own superhero KNOCKAROUND-GUY. In fact, every single entrant to this giveaway – win or lose – will receive GORILLA MY DREAMS: MIME OF MY LIFE for free. That’s right! You get the first chapter of GORILLA MY DREAMS, a 36 page comic book… just for showing up.


Synopsis: In Struggle-Town the streets are protected by Knockaround-Guy, a depressed gorilla who fancies himself a superhero.

But when a street mime is found dead (asphyxiated inside an actual invisible box), Knockaround-Guy soon finds himself wading through the ugly and dangerous underbelly of Struggle-Town.

Gorilla my Dreams can best be described as: "Batman: The Animated Series mashed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if Saturday morning cartoons came on after 10pm."

If you love your superheroes earnestly trying to be brave, courageous, and heroic, then I reckon you'll dig this comic AND our ULTIMATE SUPERMAN Giveaway.

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